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Poble Espanyol

A taste of Spanish Architectural Authenticity

Story by David C. April 27th, 2014

PlaZa mayor

One of my favourite places I visited in Barcelona so far is Poble Espanyol, which is an architectural museum really close to the Fountains of Montjuïc. I usually try to avoid touristic areas in Barcelona because they are overcrowded but this one is really worth seeing. It captures amazing architecture (117 buildings), restaurants, shops and exhibitions.

2014-04-26 17.20.31-1.jpg

Because everything looks so authentic, the place is used sometimes to shoot movie scenes, Plaza Mayor being the shooting location for the famous orgy scene from “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” (which I actually think is a bad movie, but that’s a different story).

2014-04-26 17.23.28-1.jpg

Delicias ExtremeñAS

The place is filled with nice little shops where you can buy all sorts of delicious products. You can also taste free wine, sangria, cheese, prosciuto, etc.

2014-04-26 18.07.52-1.jpg
2014-04-26 18.08.03-1.jpg
2014-04-26 18.16.56-5.jpg
2014-04-26 18.16.32-1.jpg

If you are in the area don’t miss it, you can spend there all day without any chance of being bored. You can also see some of Picasso’s and Miró’s works (and many other contemporary artworks), where photography is obviously strictly forbidden :)

2014-04-26 17.52.22-2.jpg
2014-04-26 15.59.53-1.jpg
2014-04-26 15.53.53-1.jpg
2014-04-26 16.03.10-1.jpg

What are these photos about?

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Footnote: All photos are taken with iPhone 5 and processed with VSCO Cam iOS app.
Barcelona, Spain