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La Carboneria de la discordia

Barcelona, Spain

Story by David C. July 26th, 2014

La otra carboneria

La Carboneria is an iconic building in the centre of Barcelona which was occupied by squatters in the past years. The community described itself as “A self-managed social centre, an open space for the neighbourhood and the city, occupied in civil disobedience to laws that perpetuate injust situations; from which to generate social activities such as debates, lectures, information points, artistic practices, workshops, knowledge exchange, etc.”



In fact, the building is owned by Barclays Bank and shortly after I moved to Barcelona I remember the police evicted the building by force (February 2014). More than 1500 people protested in solidarity. Burning containers, smashing ATMs and street violence occurred.

2014-07-26 11.51.41-2.jpg
2014-07-26 11.51.00.jpg
2014-07-26 11.52.36-1.jpg

historical value

Located on the corner of the streets Compte d‘Urgell and Floridablanca, “La Cárbo” happens to be the oldest building (1864) of the L’Eixample district. This is the current artwork but over the years there were several different others, like this one. The area is quite central so if you’re in Barcelona, you might want to see it.

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Footnote: All photos are taken with iPhone 5 and processed with VSCO Cam iOS app.
Barcelona, Spain