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fornebu peninsula

Oslo, Norway

Story by David C. February 15th, 2014

I had the chance this week to spend 3 days in the Fornebu peninsula in Norway, being on a business trip. This post is trying to capture one of my mornings, wandering around alone on a heavy rain, getting all wet and taking pictures before starting to work.

2014-02-11 10.39.57.jpg
2014-02-13 08.56.53 copy.jpg
2014-02-11 10.37.11.jpg

The scenery is beautiful. It felt like living in a good scandinavian thriller.


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2014-02-11 10.46.26 copy.jpg
2014-02-11 10.33.11-1.jpg
2014-02-11 10.45.05-1.jpg
2014-02-11 10.47.34 copy.jpg

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Telenor HQ

What once was the main airport in Oslo now serves as the headquarters of the telecom giant Telenor. On the top of one of their buildings, different quotes (some of them quite bizarre) flicker 24/7. The author of the quotes seems to be a mistery even for Telenor employees. Some rumours say there are multiple authors, refugees from an unknown location, while others believe the source of the quotes is a single mysterious person.

2014-02-12 08.59.15-1.jpg
2014-02-12 08.59.36-2.jpg

What are these photos about?


What are these photos about?

Footnote: All photos are taken with iPhone 5 and processed with VSCO Cam iOS app
Fornebu, Norway